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5 By 5

Even best friends differ at times - just a few of the
differences between Andie and me.

Mark Andie
Favourite Five Possesions

1) My Bed - This has to be number one of my prize possessions. Me and my bed have seem some high times and some low times but its always been there for me. As a big lover of sleep it seems only right that I list my bed. It also doubles as a sofa, a table, a desk and a place to store things.

2) My Photograph collection. Memories are so precious to me as I am a very sentimental kind of guy. I form attachments to people, places and things. When there gone or I am gone its nice to have a picture to look back at. They can be so emotive, bringing back feelings of joy or happiness.

3) My Engagement Ring - This has got to go on here also. Perhaps not so much the ring but more what it signifies. It was given to me by the Lovely Lesley a few years back. I chose it from a jewellers in Birmingham and itís a gold band, similar to a wedding ring but with a tiny diamond embedded I it. It gives me great comfort and security and is a symbol of love.

4) My Dr Who Video Collection - I have been collecting Dr Who videos for about the last 12 years or so. It has taken this long but I finally have everyone available at the time of writing this. It took a lot of time and a lot of money but to a collector like myself it gives me great satisfaction. These videos are a door to my past, to the days when I used to sit down and watch Dr Who with my Dad. Its been eleven years since Dr Who was cancelled but my videos have kept it alive in my heart giving me hours of entertainment.

5) My Book Collection - I was going to put my Dr Who book collection in here but on reflection I love books in general. I have varied tastes in literature and I love browsing through second hand book shops for a good bargin. I love to read and when I do it takes me out of the hum drum of my normal life and whisks me away to a fantasy land. With the right books I have been known to loose myself in them for hours on end.
Favourite Five Possesions

1) CD Collection - Now, anyone who knows me would no doubt expect my books to be up here, but that is not so. My CD collection grows weekly, unlike my book collection. There is nothing in this world that can compare to the emotion behind music. Well, perhaps love, but that is another story. The only time I am without music is when travelling, or when the Main Session of Bingo is being played at work. I always have my CDs playing... even as I write this.

2) Music System/PC - These two have to come together. Music System for all the reasons stated above, and my PC because it links me to the world beyond the UK. It also enables me to create my fiction, and therefore makes my future more of a possibility.

3) My Little Library - Man, where would I be without my books? I have hundreds, and they range all over the spectrum. Fictional genres of every kind, factual books covering all sorts of things, and (shockingly) books about God and the Theology of Religion. Love it... So much can come out of books. It is my past, my present, and most certainly, my future.

4) Buffy The Vampire Slayer Videos - That shows kicks some serious ass. As I write this I have every Buffy episode released on video, from the oh so shit Movie starring Kristy Swanson, through the first three seasons of the TV series. I wouldn't say I am addicted, but I would say that if ever one of the tapes are playing in my room, then I am there. And damn, Alyson Hannigan is so hot as Willow - especially Vamp-Willow!

5) My True Friends - Don't know if they are really classed as possessions as such, but they are something I have that I hold most dear. They are few, but they are important to me. Among the list of True Friends I would put: Mark, Jonathan, Allison, Daniel, Andrew and my big-little sister, Tracey. Probably a few others, but these are the main ones.
Favourite Five Dr Who Books

1) Demontage - This book has still managed to be my favourite out of all the Dr Who books Iíve ever read. It was unique, original, and it kept me glued to the pages.

2) Frontier Worlds - This is my second favourite of the series. If it were possible it would be joint first but there could only be one winner. Characterisation was the biggest reason for me choosing this book. All the regulars were written for excellently.

3) St Anthonyís Fire - An unexpected Gem of a book. It took me two attempts to get into this book but when I did I couldnít put it down. I love a book best when it manages to exceed my expectaitions. This book taught me never to go into a book with preconceptions.

4) The Witch Hunters - Not being a fan of the first doctor it may seem unusual to find this book in here but like Dr Who life is full of surprises. This was a very harrowing book set during the Salem Witch trials. This is The Crucible meets Doctor Who. I felt educated after reading this book. I watched the crucible some years later and I enjoyed it all the more.

5) Last of the Gaderene - Another surprise considering I am not a big third doctor fan either. This book managed to capture exactly the tone of the third doctor era. It actually managed to make that period seem good. Here we have quaint English village, Unit, The Master and an alien race attempting to Invade Earth. The Doctor even gets to indulge his passion for unusual vehicles.
Favourite Five Doctor Who Books

1) Demontage - Has to be done, the only occasion Mark and I will agree in this list, I suspect. Not the most original of stories, but it was an original mix. It was fresh. Well written, and some classic characters. Justin Richards' just kicks ass in the Doctor Who world. Period.

2) Timewyrm: Exodus -Without doubt the best thing Terrance Dicks has ever written. An intense study and exploration of World War II and the reasons behind it. If I didn't know better I would have said this was a true story.

3) Remembrance Of The Daleks - This has got to be here for a couple of reasons. One because it turned an excellent piece of Doctor Who television into an excellent novel, and because this is the book that turned Doctor Who TV Novelisations into novels in their own right. Something to be proud of.

4) Eye Of Heaven - So well written. I loved the way this was written out of sequence, kind of like things use to be written centuries ago. These days we are so use to books being written in sequencial order that we cannot get our heads around a book like this. But I did, and I loved it. Shit, but it must have been hard to write.

5) The Witch Hunters - Intense Who, and an intense novel in it's own right. Dealing with the Salem Witch Trials, it is a subject matter that is not often brought to light. As per the norm, Doctor Who works so well when dealing with real life and real events.
Favourite Five Meals

1) Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Style with Fried Rice and Chips.

2) Pizza and Chips from the chip shop.

3) Spagetti Bolagnase

4) Quiche with Salad, Savoury Rice, Spicy Onions and Grated Cheese

5) Baked Potato with butter, cheese and onion.

Favourite Five Meals

1) Mushroom Chow Mein.

2) Egg Fried Rice with Curry Sauce.

3) KFC.

4) Chips, Egg, Sausage and Spaghetti.

5) Mother's Home Made Stew.

Favourite Five Boys Names

1) Adam

2) Samual

3) Benjamin

4) Luke

5) Steffan

Favourite Five Boys Names

1) Samuel.

2) Benjamin

3) Jonathan

4) Jake

5) Ryan

Favourite Five Girls Names

1) Zoe

2) Samantha

3) Chloe

4) Leah

5) Eve

Favourite Five Girls Names

1) Bernice

2) Willow

3) Tamika

4) ?

5) ?

Favourite Five Swear Words

1) Fuck

2) Dick

3) Wanker

4) Shit

5) Cunt

Favourite Five Swear Words

1) Shit

2) Bollocks

3) Fucker

4) Wank-Stain

5) Bitch

Favourite Five Albums at the Moment

1) Madonna - Music

2) Natalie Imbrugula - Left of the Middle

3) Sonique - Hear my Cry

4) Travis - The Man Who

5) Sash - Trilenium

Favourite Five Albums at the Moment

1) Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
(the most important album of the 1990's. I think Marilyn Manson is right to say that each time you listen to this album you move one step closer to becoming an individual. "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers!")

2) Madonna - Bedtime Stories
(this is such an overlooked album. It is the true turning point in Madonna's life, much more so than Ray Of Light was. This was her letting people know that she has finished with one stage, and now get ready for the next stage. "Oops, I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind - (what was I thinking?)")

3) Eminem - The Marshall Mathers L.P.

4) janet - The Velvet Rope

5) jars of clay - If I Left The Zoo

Favourite Five Current TV Shows

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2) Coronation Street

3) Farscape

4) Holby City

5) EastEnders

Favourite Five Current TV Shows

1) Buffy The Vampire Slayer

2) EastEnders

3) Oprah Winfrey

4) Jerry Springer

5) Top Of The Pops II

Five Favourite Movies

1) Hollow Man

2) Scary Movie

3) Scream

4) Urban Legend

5) Halloween

Five Favourite Movies

1) The Colour Purple

2) Interview With The Vampire

3) A Life Less Ordinary

4) Wizard Of Oz

5) Meet Joe Black

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