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Launched: November 4th 2000

MishterC Is Me

MishterC and his fiance, Lesley
September 2000

Hi all, nice of you to drop by and read this. This is a little introduction about who is the real MishterC. Well, the simple version is he's me, Mark Carlin, hence the MishterC. I tried for MisterC but someone had beaten me to it so I plumped for Mishter instead, which I think has more character. There isn't really a complicated version it's as simple as that. With me, what you see is what you get. I'm that type of person. When I'm online I don't need to hide behind significant handles, they don't give me the power to be this wild, deep, profound person. I'm just a regular guy with a regular life with regular issues. So few people in this world are rarely what they seem to be. We live in a world of masks and facades, and lies and deceit; life on the net is no different.

I am MishterC and I am everything I appear to be.

You now know where the handle MishterC comes from and what it means but you almost certainly know very little about me. I suspect for those of you who are interested the Bare Facts or the Answers To Twenty Questions links will give you some insight into the real me, but what about the plain facts? Knowing whether or not I prefer bacon bits or croutons, or whats under my bed doesn't tell you all that much about me, so here's the straight no nonsense version.

I am Mark Carlin, son of Raymond and Anne, brother of Nicola and faithful fiancÚ of Lesley. I am 22 years old as I write this but in less than two weeks I will be 23. I am the best friend of Andie "Frankie Wormboy". I live in Motherwell, in Scotland, and I have done so all my life (apart from a brief stint when I lived with Frankie Wormboy in London in the basement of a Christian Church). I was brought up Roman Catholic but I now renounce religion as it plays no part in my life. I work in a sales office in a job I like but for a company I don't. I like few of my fellow employees as they bring the worst out in me. When I am with them I feel forced to wear more faces than I am comfortable with. I have been with Lesley now for almost 6 years and we are in the process of organising our wedding. I like most things sci-fi and fantasy. I collect all things Doctor Who (books, magazines, CDs and videos). I aim one day to write for a living as that is my true ambition. I would love to one day write a Doctor Who book. I wage a constant battle with the scourge that is weight and sadly I tend mostly to loose. However at the moment I am on the winning side, having vanquished 14 evil pounds in the last 3 weeks. Long may it continue. I am afraid of spiders and of being unliked. I am friendly, shy, reserved, helpful, honest, witty, gentle and a heap load of other good things, but I can also be moody, short tempered, impatient, unforgiving and sadly a heap load of other bad things. I never said I was perfect.

And there you have it. The Details of MishterC just as they are.

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